Corrupt PDF file won’t be trashed

The situation: I have a macbook 2008. A file was downloaded onto my computer that wouldn’t open. When trying to open this PDF, my computer notified me that the file was corrupt/broken and could not be opened.
I sent it to the trash.
However, this file would not be trashed! The – “The operation can’t be completed because the item “Broken.pdf” is in use.”  notification popped up.

Attempt 1: I tried opening another PDF in Adobe Reader and then cleared and quit the program. no luck.
Attempt 2: I tried replacing the stubborn PDF with a functional PDF that had the same name. Didn’t work because the file was “in use”.

I right clicked the file & was able to open the file in the text program – Text Wrangler.
There I selected all the text and deleted it!. I saved. Sent the file to trash. And viola! My computer was able to erase it from existence.

If this post helped you out with a stubborn file, let us know in the comments below!


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Ready. Set. Go!

Let the blog begin!

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Conquered: epic obstacle I: HEAD LICE!

yea. I got lice. Too much playing with my little 10 & 6 year old bros.

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Santa Teresa, CR

There are now 5 places in the world where I can really say that I have lived. My home town, Bala Cynwyd, PA, my summer home, Wildwood, NJ, Ithaca NY, where I study and have lived over the last 3 years and now after this semester I can add Monteverde, Costa Rica and Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

I have been in Santa Teresa for 12 days now. The first

ahh to be continued. I’d rather write this on the beach and then type it up! ha

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OK go

OK go to the OK go concert!

(thats my advice to you if they happen to be coming to your area.)

I saw them at the Haunt in Ithaca. Got there early. right up in the front. got sweat on and spit on by several of the performers (including Damien!! omg!). The lead singer of the first opening band, the booze, really grabbed and leaned on the mike when he sang. the tripod bottom was getting a bit scarily toward the edge of the stage. I was pretty sure he was gonna lean on it and end up falling into the crowd. I tried to keep the one part of the tripod still. Andrea said he was glancing at what i was doin.. wonderin what was going on i suppose. then he fixed it. phew

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Hello world!

“Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!”

yay kinda excited to start this up again! I used xanga way back in middle school for a while till the beginning of highschool. And now im reverting back to blogging cause I think it will be easier to keep in touch this summer and let people know what is up!
I am also hoping that it will be easy to post pictures on here because as it is said, a picture is worth a thousand words, and i think it would be fun to post random pics and it’ll give more insight into whats going on! yay

peace out,


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